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Business Intelligence

These days more date is acquired, processed and analysed than ever before. The storage of date is in many cases compulsory by law. Business Intelligence, the systematic analysis and processing of date is the fundament for future projections and successful strategic decisions.



Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones are used at home, on the way or at the office. Irrespective of location and device applications and up­to­date data have to be available. Therefore data is synchronized, web services are established and working in a cloud is made possible.


Privacy, integrity, authenticy and liability are some of the many keywords, that describe the requirements for the protection of internet users and their data privacy. Modern methods for authentication, encryption and signatures enable the implementation of these requirements.


For internal working processes as well as for customer relations standardized software hast o be adapted to individual needs. Through the integration of different sectors efficiancy and quality of products can be improved.