iWebTec Services




Many companies in the retail industry are represented insufficiently on the internet or do not even have an online shop. The German Trade Association (Handelsverband Deutschland) expect sales revenues of 38.7 billion euros for the year 2014. We establish or expand your presence on the internet for example with the Content Management System for websites and online shops Typo3. Opens external link in new windowTypo3.



Development of individual software in the B2B and B2C sector


We attend to projects from the identification of demands up till the launch and operation of the software. On demand we can work according to structured project schedules and open methods like Agile Development or Scrum that emphasize on the services.


Data Mining and Bussiness Intelligence


Our solutions project the utilization of ressources and services and calculate the optimal (regulation/performance indicators)?? Projections are based on expectation of the demand and behavior of the involved parties. We use standardized models to deduce patterns and relations from historical data, business reports and typification. This information helps to develop and optimize business processes.


- Develop forecast model

- Identify market segment

- Create costumer profile

- Determine facts for decision processes


Through process monitoring projections, optimizations and regulation/performance indicators are always updated and support the implemantation of business strategies.




We provide consultation on the modern Internet technology. We analyze your Business processes, plan the implementation of services and the integration of existing applications.