iWebTec Products




We develop software for the special requirements of our customers. The modular structure of our software products enable individual solutions to your needs.



Cloud Computing 


Our Cloud Computing applications are realized as software­as­a­service for our customers. The connection to existing IT­Systems is possible through web services or interface programs. This service can be accessed through web clients, browsers or business apps on iOS and Android.





We design websites and online shops for our customers. The implementation will be carried out with the Content Management System Opens external link in new windowTypo3, extended with individually developed components.



Mobile Applications


We develop business apps for iOS and Android with integration to our web services provided by our cloud computing applications.



Online Plattform


Our online market for logistics and transportation request is based on the Content Management System Typo3. This marketplace gives the opportunity to distribute transportation request to logistics companies. The current status of a delivery can be reviewed.